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Confidentiality, Consent, and Disclosure Policy

As a psychotherapist, it is my responsibility to ensure that you are met with accurate information and transparency regarding my privacy, confidentiality, and consent policy. I take your privacy incredibly seriously and believe it is a privilege to have your trust in this regard. There are many measures I can take to ensure your privacy and confidentiality is respected. The purpose of this form is to describe the measures I take, along with the rare instances where I am legally bound to break confidentiality. Please read over the following document to better understand my privacy and confidentiality policy.

You are welcomed and encouraged to ask me any and all questions you have regarding
my privacy and confidentiality policy.

All client information (written, verbal, and otherwise) that I receive is diligently kept
confidential except in the following circumstances:

● I am legally bound to disclose information you have shared with me that is
relevant to a situation where I have reasonable evidence to believe you are a
danger to yourself and/or others
● I am legally bound to breach confidentiality if I have reasonable evidence to
believe there has been an incident of child abuse by you or someone else.
● The court may request certain records that I must release to them.
● In order to ensure I am providing the best and most ethical therapeutic services, I
frequently meet with other registered psychotherapists to anonymously discuss
my client cases and request their professional input.

Storage of Client Information
I use the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) compliant software, Owl
Practice Canada. All stored client information is password protected and only accessible
by me. Any client is entitled to request access to their information in which case I can
send a password protected document to the client. I will send invoices and receipts
through this software as through a password protected document.
Video Conferencing and Phone Call Sessions
I take every precaution I can to promote privacy including practicing alone, in a private
room, and with headphones. As the client, it is your choice whether you wish to have
our sessions take place over secure video calls though Owl Practice Canada or through
telephone calls. Owl Practice video calling is a secure platform, but I cannot guarantee
the same security over the phone. Clients are to take this into consideration when
choosing a method for their sessions.

I cannot guarantee complete privacy in email correspondence. Therefore, email will only
be used for scheduling purposes and payments. Clients are encouraged to book their
session using their Owl Practice Client Portal Account or during our sessions to
minimize email correspondence. I am the only person with login credentials to the email
used for this practice,

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